What it’s all about

Building the Next Generation of Leaders

Our mission is to provide a loving environment, that will enable youth to leave behind poor habits and inherit great levels of character with a family of supporters who encourage the will of God.  Our vision is to use relevant programs, sports, and education to spread the biblical principles of love and servant hood through an active life of faith through Jesus Christ. Teens will become equipped with the sustainable life skills and maturity to be products of change in their communities.

Be the change in your community

We believe that change start with each individually effort. We continue to encourage our students to be the products of change in their communities. Our students are involved with numerous volunteer and community projects every year. Our students understand that volunteering is not about the people you serve but more about the person you are becoming. The term “Servant hood leadership” is an idea the we share repeatedly, because we believe that leaders who serve are the being of lasting change.

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You can also donate directly to Crossover Youth Center. All donations are tax deductible and benefit Crossover Youth Center’s many programs.

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